Perth Day Surgery Centre (PDSC) opened in March 2006 and is housed within PIVET Medical Centre. It is licenced by the Health Department of WA as a Private Day Hospital Facility and is accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards (ACHS). This ensures that PDSC meets the highest level of quality management standards now being developed around Australia.

By being structured independently, the new facility creates complete privacy and confidentiality for its clientele. It also enables PIVET to fully integrate the various clinical, laboratory, counselling, procedural and ancillary activities including genetic counselling, nutritional and naturopathic services and pharmaceutical delivery under one roof.

A wide range of infertility-related procedures can now be undertaken in an advanced operating theatre setting. This includes procedures requiring various levels of anaesthesia from IV sedation through to deep general anaesthesia.

Although the priority of PDSC is on fertility-related procedures, ancillary procedures are also able to be undertaken including urology, andrology, gynaecology and some general surgical procedures.

Given the rapidly rising need for fertility services around Australia, PDSC now enables PIVET to embrace this need comprehensively, more than doubling current capacity.


166 -168 Cambridge St Leederville 6007
T (08) 9422 5454 F (08) 9422 5455


Your Rights:

Your Responsibilities:


Collection of Personal Information

We collect your personal information and information on your health to provide you with quality health care. Information is collected from yourself, except in an emergency when we may need to collect information from other sources with your permission.

Use of Personal Information

Information collected is used to provide appropriate treatment and care by your health care providers, for health fund billing and medical rebate purposes, quality assurance and clinical audit activities, health service monitoring and accreditation.

Withholding Information

If you choose to provide incomplete or inaccurate information or to withhold relevant information then we may choose not to provide the service that you require.

Disclosure of Information

We are required by law to provide patient information to the Department of Health, Western Australia, to your health fund and de-identified patient data to the Private Hospitals Data Bureau. Information can be disclosed without your consent in the event of an emergency, where required by law and to fulfil a medical indemnity insurance obligation.

Access to Your Record

You may obtain access to your Health Record provided that your request is genuine and does not impinge on the confidentiality of others. Video/CD images will not be released. More information may be obtained by contacting our Nurse Manager.

Correcting Your Health Record

If you believe information held is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate then you may request an amendment to your Health Record.

Questions and Complaints

Please feel free to discuss any concerns, questions or complaints relating to the handling of your personal and health information by writing to either our Nurse Manager at :

Nurse Manager
PIVET Medical Centre,
166 - 169 Cambridge Street, Leederville 6007

Reproductive Technology Council

Health and Disability Service Complaints Office
Ph: (08) 6551 7620
Country Free: 1800 813 583